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Organic India Tulsi Masala Chai Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Pack

By Organic India


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Organic India Tulsi Masala Chai Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Pack

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Pack Type Box Pack
Package Content 25 Tea Bags + 100 g / 3.50 oz Loose Leaf Tea
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Benefits, Dosage, Indications, Side Effects, Composition, Ingredients

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Masala Chai Tea Bags and Loose Leaf Tea by Organic India is a wonderful combination of all time favorite blend of freshly ground spices (masala), premium Assam tea & the finest Tulsi. It has a unique anti stress, immune supportive and other health promoting qualities.

Organic India Tulsi Masala Chai Indications:
* Reduces Stress
* Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients
* Guards against cough & cold
* Enhances stamina
* Builds immunity

Tulsi Masala Chai is an everyday encounter with the exotic. It contains less caffeine plus great taste and aroma makes Tulsi Masala Chai a growing preference over coffee.

Organic India Tulsi Masala Chai Ingredients:
* Rama Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
* Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
* Assam Tea (Camellia sinensis)
* Chai Masala (Ginger, Green Cardamom, Brown Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Organic Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Mace)